Once strategic foundations have been laid, Process Solutions Assurance turns its focus to its core offering in implementing CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).

Each system is custom designed with a company’s unique business blueprint in mind. Systems evolve over time based on careful analysis of process reports, which continuously deliver data regarding multiple factors such as input, output, system support, procedural efficiency and execution.

Implementation Services Include:

  • Project Management Office (PMO) – Defining and maintaining standards of project management through introduction of a simple and routine project execution approach
  • Application Configuration – Explaining available set-up options and synchronizing applications based on client feedback
  • Data Migration – Preventing loss of data due to system replacements or upgrades through automatic data extraction and loading
  • Interface Development – Designing the best possible system user experience by determining the unique requirements and goals of each client
  • Report Development – Formatting reporting software to deliver easily understood, timely, accurate and relevant data
  • Training Content Development (using Oracle’s User Productivity Kit or UPK) – Utilizing Oracle’s user-friendly, comprehensive content development, deployment and maintenance platform to boost overall productivity
  • Training Execution – Employing our best practices training model to ensure peak workforce performance levels
  • Testing Services/Test Case Creation – Providing system quality control through testing of specific software functions to attain measurable results
  • Environment/Application Installation – Installing not just software, but also necessary support components such as application and database systems


Equipped with access to and specialized knowledge of state-of-the-art Oracle support and software, as well as years of practical industry experience, the experts at Process Solutions Assurance offer an unparalleled comprehensive approach to operational troubleshooting, restructuring and maintenance.

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