Process Solutions Assurance’s first step in taking a company to the next level lies in the development of a customized strategy through collaboration with the client, using its cornerstone services model, BASO (Business Assessment Solution Optimization).


BASO works by gathering snapshot benchmarks of current organizational processes, including IT infrastructure, solution functionality and accuracy of business requirement documentation. BASO is based on the principle that each and every business process should be in direct line with a company’s mission, and executed as such.

Operational Management

Process Solutions Assurance compares a company’s ’snapshots’ with current industry best practices and uses this data to lay a foundation of improved asset and work management principles upon which the company can build.

Bedrock elements include :

  • Planning procedures
  • Scheduling efficiency
  • Job cost analysis

Reporting Strategies

Once the building begins, Process Solutions Assurance acts as architect, utilizing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to reduce operational complications, increase access to key information and boost overall system capacity. Process Solutions Assurance assists clients in maintaining a dynamic reporting system by recommending market-leading reporting tools that will be a best fit.

Process Solutions Assurance’s Strategic Services enable clients to do more with less through redevelopment of long-term business structure and functionality. As new tools and procedures are put into place, tactical work can begin, ushering in a business climate of exceptional quality, reliability and integrity.

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