ERP Integrations

Oracle Work and Asset Management with Oracle E-Business Suite

The ERP Integrations between WAM and EBS consists of the following integration points:
# Interface 1 or 2-way Source Destination Category of Synchronization
1 Suppliers 1-way EBS suppliers WAM Vendor Set-up Data Synch
2 Inventory 1-way EBS master inventory WAM Master Catalog Set-up Data Synch
3 Sub-Inventory 1-way EBS sub-inventory WAM Storeroom Set-up Data Synch
4 Project/Task 1-way EBS Projects WAM Accounts Set-up Data Synch
5 Purchase Requisition 1-way WAM Requisitions EBS Requisitions Transactional Data Synch
6 Purchase Order 1-way EBS Purchase Order WAM Purchase Order Transactional Data Synch
7 Receiving 1-way EBS Receiving WAM Receiving Transactional Data Synch
8 Invoice 1-way EBS Invoice WAM invoice Transactional Data Synch
9 Credit Memo 1-way EBS Credit Memo WAM Invoice Transactional Data Synch
10 Move Order 1-way WAM Work Order Material EBS Move Order Transactional Data Synch
11 Material Transaction 1-way EBS Material Transaction WAM Stock Checkout Transactional Data Synch
12 Employee 1-way EBS HR WAM Employees Set-up Data Synch
13 Employee Wage 1-way EBS HR WAM Employee Set-up Data Synch
14 Timekeeping (OTL) 1-way WAM Timekeeping EBS OTL Transactional Data Synch
15 Cost Adjustment 1-way EBS financial adjustments WAM Cost Adjustment Transactional Data Synch
16 iExpense 1-way EBS iExpense WAM ODC Transactional Data Synch
17 Expenditure Type 1-way EBS Expenditures WAM Expense Codes Transactional Data Synch

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Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)

for Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management

Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a content development platform that assists in end-user testing and training activities as well as introducing work and asset management concepts and overview during system implementation.

The value of UPK pre-built application content expedites the design and requirement-gathering phase of implementations that saves substantial time, which leads to lower implementation costs. The savings can be substantial – project team resources typically dedicated to the preparation of system test data, story boarding, and process standardization can be greatly reduced.

Creating Customizing Content

Over the course of an implementation or upgrade, the library of UPK content would be enhanced to mirror the final deployed application that resembles your business processes and system configuration.

A sample of the UPK Pre-Built Content products contain the following sections:

Oracle Utilities Work and AssetManagement, Administrative Subsystem

  • Approval Limit & Routing Overview and Setup
  • Batch Processing Overview and Setup
  • Module Administration Configuration Overview and Sample Configuration
  • User Defined Fields Overview and Sample Configuration
  • User Enrollment
  • User Responsibility Security Overview, Setup and Assignment

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, Maintenance Subsystem

  • Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) Overview
  • Permitting Overview
  • Preventative Maintenance Overview
  • Scheduling Overview
  • Timekeeping Overview
  • Work Request & Work Order Overview

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, Resource Subsystem

  • Accounting Overview
  • Asset Overview
  • Attachment Processing Overview (Documents, Procedures, Specifications)
  • Component Tracking Overview
  • Compatible Units Overview
  • Warranty Management Overiew

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, Procurement Subsystem

  • Contractor Service Overview
  • Procurement Lifecycle Overview (Requisition, Purchase Order, Receiving, AP Invoice)
  • Vendor (Supplier) Overview

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, Inventory Subsystem

  • Inventory Cycle Count Overview
  • Inventory Reorder Processing Overview
  • Stock Requests and Issue Processing Overview
  • Supply Chain Catalog & Storeroom Overview

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, System Basics

  • Approval Portal Overview
  • Home Page Elements and Personalization
  • Saved Searches Overview & Creation
  • System Navigation and Module Structure
  • Work Planning Tool Overview & Configuration

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